About Us


  Angie Craik - Proprietor of Carouse Music

All of our instruments are set up and checked over by Jon, our in house guitar technician. His greatest love in life is guitars, whether it's performing, teaching, repairing them or even making one from scratch. A perfectionist , Jon always makes sure every instrument is in perfect working order before sale.

Different guitars suit different people and each guitar has its own unique tone and sound. That’s why we recommend that you try out a few guitars before buying so that you can find the perfect one for you. We carry a huge stock of guitars, catering for all abilities – whether you’re a beginner or a professional. We are main dealers for brands including Tanglewood, Vintage, Crafter, Cruiser, Ozark, Ashton, Breedlove, Faith, Ayers and many more, plus Admira, Camps, Paco Castillo and Valencia classical guitars. We also have a very good stock of amps and pedals by Roland, Fender, Cruiser and Boss. So why don’t you come and visit us and try them out.


And if you visit on a Saturday, you might get the opportunity to jam with Barry – a professional guitarist who plays regularly with Herbie Flowers and ChrisSpedding. He also used to run the renowned Catfish Club in Haywards Heath. If you log on to www.youtube.com and search Barry Clifton you will see him in action.

He is available to book for special occasions, maybe even with Herbie and Chris if they are free.

Barry also helps organise workshops in the summer at the Orpheus Centre, owned and run by Richard Stillgoe and catering for disabled young people.

Barry is also a talented and inspirational teacher of the guitar. He is in the shop every Saturday, to help beginners and professionals alike, choose the right guitar.


Barry playing the Fender classical guitar