Tromba Cornet

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Tromba Cornet

Tromba instruments are made from toughened ABS plastic. Knock it, bump it, bash it. Not a whimper, not a mark. But it's not without it's softer side. No matter how cold the weather, the plastic stays warm to the touch so your fingers don't freeze.



    • Precision made high quality Bb plastic cornet
    • 5" One Piece Bell, 0.459 Bore
    • Weight: Approx. 500g
    • Extremely robust and sturdy ABS construction
    • Adjustable 1st,2nd and 3rd valve tuning slides
    • Adjustable main tuning slide
    • 2 Water keys (main tuning and 3rd valve tuning slides)
    • Conventional top sprung valves with interchangeable springs
    • Rugged one piece moulded valve block
    • Unique twist and lock quick release top and bottom valve caps
    • Valves can be lubricated by any normal quality synthetic oil
    • 5 bracing points from bell section to valve block and leadpipe section
    • Reinforced mouthpiece receiver-accepts any standard metal mouthpiece
    • Conventional design with smooth comfort hold styling
  • Free bonus items

    • Hard case
    • Desktop stand
    • Handy cleaning kit
    • mouth piece